Although established in 2004, the company is by no means new to the market. The new legal form is a logical consequence of the need to concentrate and give a protective umbrella to the services offered by our team since mid 1990's, that is, translation, interpreting and, mainly, services related to localizing software applications.

Like many young companies of Central Europe, Pretass and its predecessors have also passed through several development stages and, over almost 20 years of joint operation, a compact specialized team has been formed that offers services based not only on language excellence but also on expertise in the areas of operation and, most of all, on long-standing experience.

No doubt, the most important professional experience we have gained is due to the fact that, in 2005, we became an localizer of the SAP A.G. information systems for the Czech Republic, thus receiving an opportunity to work on a project which was very large and varied in terms of the technologies used and, particularly, the professional implementation areas.

In 2013 after a successful audit we became the first agency in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to be granted the status of certified partner by SAP AG.

Extending our operation to Slovakia has certainly brought both quantitative and qualitative changes in our work, too. Through Pretass Slovakia, our affiliated company, we provide for SAP the same services as in the Czech market. In addition to, Pretass Slovakia provides certified translations to/from German language, especially for the field of judiciary, civil and machine engineering, automotive and public health for both private and corporate customers.

Currently, the company utilizes the services of a core team of experienced translators. However, you will regularly find also external specialist translators in our team. We use their services mostly for projects requiring the knowledge of terminology of less-usual technical fields, deployment of specialized tools or working in a less usual language. Due to the company history, English and German related activities have been prevalent since the very beginning. We are, however, fully capable of providing our services for any other European language as well.