Because of the historical and legal conditions specific to the Czech Republic, a good localization has become an important part of almost each system to be implemented.

Today, users have become accustomed to a new system 'being Czech', that is, communicating in Czech and being friendly in guiding them through the maze of local regulations and supporting the local practices. No reputable company designing projects for Czech customers can afford to ignore this fact.

Adding good knowledge of the local legislation, practices and user mentality, and IT expertise to the language excellency, we get a knowledge base for system localization. Topped with hard work, responsibility and the ability to see behind the localization the mental effort and finance put in by the author, it is then what a reliable localizer stands for.

This is also the way Pretass has taken with localizations of information systems becoming its main activity.

The basic means and objective of the services offered by the company is the high work standard as defined in the "Service Excellence Policy".